Meet the Woman Behind Newsom Nation Ham. «an individual from Princeton whom lived in Virginia got ahold of 1 of their publications»

With a lady’s touch in a male-dominated art, Nancy Newsom preserves her family members’ generations-old tradition in Princeton, Kentucky.

6 months before xmas, whenever her nation hams are planning to go through exactly what she calls the «July sweats, » Nancy Newsom appears into the room that is back of store, keeping an ice choose. She slides it to the meat of a ham that is aged near to the bone tissue, after which lifts the choose to her nose. Into the layperson, it might smell mostly of steel, but Newsom can differentiate traces of sumptuous funk developed by weather, smoke, and time.

Peter Frank Edwards

By having a crumbly-looking solid wall behind her and wrinkled, ruby-colored hams on a rough-hewn dining table right in front of her, the scene could’ve been plucked from a little city in Spain or Italy. But this will be Princeton, Kentucky, population 6,108. The Newsom family members has operated its grocery, seed, and ham organizations along this portion of the city’s principal Street since 1917. Several years early in the day, certainly one of Newsom’s ancestors moved the family members to Kentucky on a Revolutionary War land grant from Virginia by means of vermont.

Peter Frank Edwards

Just like her father and grandfather cured hams before her, Newsom—known once the Ham Lady—will tinker along with her hams often times through the curing process. With salt and brown sugar and then hangs them up to be smoked after she receives fresh hams (some from heritage breeds) from farms in Kentucky and Missouri, she massages them. Because they age and lose dampness, they deepen in color; set up in dimensions; develop the fuzz of mildew in a few places; and take a salty on, profoundly pungent flavor due to the whims of climate and also the changing periods. After almost a 12 months in a cloudy haze and darkness, most of them make their debuts that are grand the holiday season. But even yet in the midst of the hot summer time, Newsom has already been thinking ahead. «People don’t get that the seasons to their palates change, » she states. «they may believe that the busiest time for ham could be at Easter, however they want treated meat more in cooler conditions. «


While a lady when you look at the commercial-ham company may appear uncommon, she decided this course despite her dad’s recommendation (whenever she had been 18) to think about secretarial college alternatively. She actually is stuck along with it through increasing kids, breakup, and fire—and shrugs from the challenges, saying the work comes obviously to her. Although the males have actually usually managed the hog killing in the cooler weather, the ladies have actually treated.

Newsom’s first memories of nation ham have an aroma—the lingering scent of the wood-fired fog that seeped into her dad’s clothing. Although her parents are no longer around, that same smokehouse is in procedure today, in addition to house in the front from it, however often unoccupied, appears much as her moms and dads left it. She will still aim out of the patterned china that is blue mother would placed on the dining dining table at xmas. Even though the bathroom were full of an array of sides—corn pudding, cranberry sauce, cheese grits, orange-whipped congealed salad—the ham fanned down on a silver platter had been the centerpiece. «When we taste a ham at Christmastime, i are interested to end up like the things I had as a young child, » she claims. «I do not understand that we take action exactly the same way. When we have actually enhanced such a thing over just what my dad did, but i am aware»

The ham portion really took off when one particular food lover took an interest in their product and wrote about it for a 1975 issue of American Airlines’ in-flight magazine although the family has been curing hams and working in the general store and grocery business for more than a century. The author’s title: James Beard.

«a person from Princeton whom lived in Virginia got ahold of just one of their publications, » Newsom claims. «She penned him a letter that is long told him he’dn’t had a great ham until he’d had one of Col. Bill Newsom’s hams. » Beard and Newsom’s daddy struck up a relationship, plus the chef that is famed author, and tv character would mobile him in the home to talk shop. «He would phone Dad as he was at their chair that is easy in night. James Beard would ask just just what phase the hams had been in—he utilized our hams to show with, » she recalls.

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